What Happens to Airline Points After You Pass Away?

Summer is here, which often means it’s time to hit the road or take to the skies for summer vacation. For those who travel often, you may accumulate a high number of airline points or miles. While it may not be what you’d like to focus on when thinking of travel, the question does exist surrounding these airline points: What happens to them should you pass away?

Can You Transfer Your Airline Points/Miles After You Pass Away?

The answer to the above question can be complicated. Ultimately, it will depend on which specific airline you have the points or miles with. Some airlines do not allow for the transfer of points or miles upon death, while others are less clear about whether transferring the points or miles is allowed.

Should You Include Your Airline Points/Miles in Your Will?

If you’d like to potentially pass along your airline points or miles to a loved one, you can include them in your will. However, as referenced above, depending on the specific airline you are dealing with, the transferring of these points/miles may not be allowed.

How Can You Determine if Your Points/Miles Can Be Transferred?

If you have opted to include your airline points or miles in your will, it is advisable to check with the airline to see what their policy on transferring points or miles is. With that said, it is still a good idea to put these points or miles into your will, even if the airline does not currently allow for transferring, as policies may change over time that will allow your loved one to benefit from the points or miles.

Can You Update Your Estate Plan to Include Your Airline Points or Miles?

Yes, you can update your estate plan to include any airline points or miles that you have. As mentioned above, while there is no guarantee that the specific airline you have the points or miles with will allow you to transfer them following your death, it is still worth including the points or miles as part of your will if you would like to pass them on to a loved one.

How Does Your Loved One Receive Your Airline Points/Miles if Allowed?

In order for the individual to whom you are passing your points or miles on to be allowed to inherit them, this person must often provide the proper documentation when communicating with the airline. This is yet another specific detail that will vary from airline to airline.

There is, however, a workaround that may allow for your loved one to inherit your existing airline points or miles. If you know that you are about to pass, you can opt to share your password and other account information with the individual to whom you’d like to have the airline miles or points.

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