Traffic Violations

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Traffic violations are a fairly common occurrence, both in New York and elsewhere. Often times, these traffic violations will result in being ticketed by a police officer. Being ticketed for a moving or traffic violation in New York can be a hassle if you do not know how these tickets are handled in the many different jurisdictions throughout the state. For example, traffic violations in Westchester County may be handled differently than those in Albany or Buffalo. Additionally, the fines, surcharges, and insurance increases that can result from a traffic violation ticket can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced traffic violation attorney can help you both save money and get your license privileges back.

How Does the Traffic Ticket Point System Work?

It is very important to keep points off of your driver’s license, as these points can result in a suspended license. In New York State, if you get 11 points on your driver’s license within 18 months, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will suspend your driving privileges. Below is a list of common traffic ticket violations and the associated points for each of the offenses.

What are Some Common Traffic Violations?

Speeding traffic ticketsRanges from 3-11 points
Reckless driving tickets5 points
Failure to obey a red traffic light3 points
Child without seatbelt3 points
Illegal cell phone use5 points
Tailgating4 points
Failure to obey a traffic sign3 points

There are certain circumstances where your driving privileges can be suspended if you do not have 11 points on your license. Even if your driving record is relatively clean, a judge can still opt to suspend your driving privileges. This often happens when a driver is deemed to be a substantial safety risk or a repeat offender. This can also happen if you have taken the New York Driver Safety class to reduce the amount of points you have on your record.

If you were issued a traffic ticket, it is wise to act quickly to solve the problem. You can do this by contacting us immediately to learn how we can help with your situation.

Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

It is always a good idea to fight any traffic ticket that you get. A conviction for a traffic violation could potentially cause an increase in your insurance premiums or a cancellation from your carrier. In addition, beating a ticket will prevent you from accumulating points on your driving record. Keeping the number of points on your driving record down will prevent you from having to pay New York’s Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. Last, fighting your ticket may help you avoid paying fines and surcharges imposed by the court if you beat your ticket.

Can A Traffic Lawyer Really Help Me?

Our experienced traffic violation attorneys will help you navigate the complicated process of fighting your ticket. We have experience in the practices and procedures of traffic court and are familiar of the nuances of the many different jurisdictions in New York. Our attorneys will take the time to get to know your case to develop a strategy and defense to help you get favorable results.